Friday, March 25, 2011

Scentsy Plug-in Warmer and 3 Bars Giveaway....................

I Finally got a chance to try Scentsy For the first time ever thanks to Terri Smethers....I got to try a warmer and A few awesome bars:) I love this and I really love the way it makes my apartment smell....Terri is doing a giveaway here on my blog and this is what is up for grabs: 

A plug-in and 3 bars of wax (winner can pick scents from what she has in stock)

If you wanna win ..Its really simple to do .....Leave a comment for each of the things listed below on this blog ONLY * any other entrys are invalid)  and Your entered to win :)

For One Entry:................ Like Terri on Facebook And let her know I sent ya ..!/IndependentScentsyDirector?sk=wall

For A extra Entry ......Ask to join terris scentsy group :)

For a Extra entry .............Like Mommy of 3 peas on facebook!/pages/Mommy-Of-3-Peas/180495145325834

For  a extra entry please like Just Jewlery With Mommy of 3 peas

This giveaway will end 1 week from today on April 1st at 12pm cst .....................Please make sure u leave a separate comment for each thing  you did :)

Please leave your email address below in the comments with what you did ........1 entry per comment

Love, Mommy of 3 peas :)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Ultimate Body Applicator Review And Giveaway............

I am sooooooooooo excited to be able to do a review on the Body Applicator ...I have never done a review on a product like this . I was really excited when I got it in the mail..It came in a brown envolope...Yep very discreet and great packaging. I recieved My body applicator and alot of brochures to let me know more about there products and I also recieved this fablous magazine from them ...It was interesting reading this and learning about how other people were loving this fabulous product...................

I thought hmmmmmmmm When am I gonna have time to do something like this ...........But I found it only takes a few minuetes outta your time , and I love that having to deal with 3 little ones at home . When I measured around my tummy Before I put the Body Applicator on It was 37 inches...................When i opened the packet and smelled it was awesome....Smelled like it was Vicks on the applicator...mmmmmmmm love that smell lol............It was some sort of lotion that was spread all over the applicator...The instructions were really easy for me to follow ....Very easy ....1,2,3,,,I love easy stuff...................................................

I took before and after pictures of when i put the applicator on .............Here is my before picture : 

SO , I left the applicator on for 45 minuetes...I didnt have wrap like a bandage or nothing to wrap again in so i used a scraf and ties it around me to better hold the applicator and get good use out of it ....I have little ones at home so mind you i was moving almost the whole time i had this on and it didnt come off not 1 time.:) I loved that part of it ..

45 Minuetes later I measured myself again and I was 35 inches.............Then i measured again cause I really didnt belive it and it said the same thing 35 inches...Ha , I almost started crying :) 

Here is the after pictures I took : 

This is the applicator when I took it off: 

Here is my after pictures : 

Mind you i have psorasis on my body so these aint the best pictures: 


I LOVE it ..................Like I said before mind you I have psorasis ...My skin is really really sensitive and this Ultimate body applicator did not bother my skin or make it feel like i didnt like it ......I didnt even really notice that it was really on me the whole time . I loved the smell and I love this applicator . I think this really boosted up my self esteem alot by being able to try this out and acually losing something off of it . Im not the one to BELIVE in things like this but I do know . I would recommend this to those mommys that are looking for something that works 


If your intrested Here is her fb for any questions : 

Here is her website:


Do you want to try the Ultimate Body Applicator like I did well Here is your chance : 

To win the Ultimate Body Applicator please follow the following steps:

For one entry please Like The Skinny You on Facebook And let her know I sent you ::

For a extra entry please Follow her blog and leave your user name in a comment : 

For a extra entry Please Like mommy of 3 peas on facebook:

This contest will end on March 31 st ...Which is 1 week from today ..................

All you have to do to win is leave what you did and your email address in a comment under this post ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Good luck 

I loveeeeeeeeeeddddd using this :)


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretty Princess Boutique On Facebook

I love this , We got it in the mail today for Princess Mya :) ....This is a awesome headband that she got from the Pretty Princess Boutique......SHe loves it and Mommy is Happy with the way its made and I would recommend that you check her out on facebook...She really makes some awesome bows and headbands and other things. This is now one of princess mya;s favorite headbands:) 

Heres the link to her facebook:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winners from the big giveaway that closed on friday

All names are posted here for the winners of the giveaway ...Please check under the pictures on the page to see what you won or this will take me forever...You have 24 hours to claim your prize or i will pick a new winner..If you already contacted your sponser please let me know under this post and your name on fb . thank you  ..names are in order of the pictures

.Kayla Durnford
 Little ladybugs resale boutique
 Olivia Lambert Lasting
Casey Michele Harrington 
.Jennifer Clay (sexyhots29)
Jennifer Lynn( contacted sponser)

Amber Bauer (contacted sponser)
 Racheal Coleman
The Pendant Studio
Kimberly Thornton
.Krystina McMillen
.Lisa Garner..
.Crystal Calhoun McCord
Tanya Juergens
.Lindsay Ann Fields
Brandy Sullins Bush
Sheryle Hulet Bleashka
 Jamie Bishop Kelsey ( contacted sponser)
 Kasey Wardell
.Rebekka Sordiff
.Jamie Olson
Juliana Ross( contacted sponser)
 ..Jen Simpson
 Sarah Watkins
Holly Miller
Tiffaney Lindsey
.Kendra Gale Hooper
Shannon Leanne Easter
Ashley Bera
 .Tanya Leigh Oakes

Kelly Marriott (contacted sponser)
.Hmh Kaufman
Emily Blewett
..Nikki Buxton
 Anne E. Perry
Dawn Fillinger
Holli Lowe Sturgill
Dawn Frasca
Jenny Molton
Amy Selak
Willow Leigh Scott
Abbey Hadden Colbert
Libbie Bailey Powers
.Amber Cline
Megan Menendez
Wende Shull Sampson
..Natalie Weeks 
Sunnie Burkhardt
Becky Lassiter
.Erin Smith
.Lisa Garner
Amber Mobley-Pezanetti
.Rashelle Young( contacted sponser)
Brandy Bollman
Christina Busby
.Tammy Mannoly Wilkinson
.Tiffany Mosier ( CONACTED SPONSER)
Dawn Haggerty( contacted sponser )
....Janelle Moneypenny
.Pamela Schmidt Baldo )contacted sponser)
.Stefani Warren ( contacted sponser)
.Kuhn Fam
.Jamie Brigham
Mama-Nikki Vosburgh
....Donna Zeigler Roucoulet ) (contacted sponser)
Cara Rigsby
 Tiffany Messenger
 Marilyn Wall
LaNette Beck
..April Lashbrook-Buurman
Jennifer Blackburn
Tiffany Nichole   (contacted sponser)
Donna McLemore

.Robert Clark
.Dawn Wallace  (contacted sponser)
.Cindy Soulshine
....Dana Denay
Megan Stuckey
Abbey Hadden Colbert
Brittney Yoches
.Melissa Phinney
..Jani Nelson
.Amy Michelle Herin
Susan Vaughn
Colandra Leavell
Katie Vespe
.Brenna Jones
Amanda Kollar
.Kelly Jellison
..Jennifer Throop
Julia Tice
....Bri Neal
.Krista Furgerson
.Lauren SwagBucks
.Tabby Duncan

.Mary Mcmenamy
Natalie Crater
Britany Marie
.Sara Combs Lesley
Alison Jean Malcolm
.Hillary Wenrich ( contacted sponser)
...Rachael Parker
.Ash Warner
Erika Pickering
.Erika Fletcher

.Angie Gatto
Lisa Gonsalves
Julie Grimberg
.Heather Jensen
.Brittany Young
.Ashley Seese Moore
.Lisanne M Gibson
Dana Adkins
Rebekka Sordiff
.Rina Klinge
Colleen Maurina
..Jean Young
.Ann Scott Cutler
 ..Princess Mia
 .Jaimie Krupp
Ashley Mullins .(contacted sponser)
Melissa Lindsay Kieffer
Becky Freeman
..Rikki Jo Hargrove
 .Terri Smethers
 .Debbie Lamb
Beth Peterson
.Jeanine Trzecki Schneider
.Dani Parker Robinson
.April Terry Nantz
.Melissa Ter Meer
Karrie McAllister Ward
.Lindsay Leigh
 Karly Kramer
.Sarah Pauls
.Eman Elazab
.Jumpn Jax Boutique - a boutique specially for moms and babies
.Kelly Marriott ( contacted sponser)
Jennifer Ellison Breinholt

April Kendall ( contacted sponser)
Heather Raineyfree
.Lisa Oliver
Jennifer Kingston Bergen
Amy Chesworth-Poon
Kelli Wood ( contacted sponser)
.Merissa-Bros Prior
Brenda Broumana and Lisa Garner ( 2 winners)
Bobbles & Peanuts
Jen Miller
.Jodi Clark Kershuk
.Jamie Farrell Greco
Becky Bain

Augusta Hoeft Davis

Shelley Lard..
crescendo gal
Teressa McClurg( contacted sponser)
.Audrey McGee Griffis
Oanh Ball
Ape Bilbrey
Amy Flack Ratliff
.Pamela Pilon
.Cassandra Daniel (contacted Sponser)
.Stephanie Robbins
Autumn Eaton (contacted sponser)
Jennifer Mitchell
Blythe Harlan
.Alicia Mull Force
.Julia Tice
Betty Roe
.Mindy Gatewood Russell ( contacted sponser_)
Amber Branning
.Ashley Mullins
.Nicole Dilley
Elizabeth McMillan
.Ashley Brouillette
Erica Yon Thompson
.Elizabeth Catalone Snow
.Mary Ellen Mayes
.Kristen McCann Haro
..Kathy Russell
.Holli Lowe Sturgill

Again Only 24 hours to claim your prize or im picking new winners...These have been posted under the pictures since friday ...If you contact the sponser please let me know under here and i will up date the list ..Thank you and CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS