Friday, April 22, 2011

Envibum Review and Giveaway :)

Envibum Review and Giveaway :) 

I was so excited that i got to try a Envibum cloth diaper on armani :)  And that I get to do this review also. I love cloth diapers :) I have never used a envibum before so this was my first time :) 

When the mail man delived it to my house...I thought wait she was sending me a diaper right lol....The way it was packaged you couldnt even tell....I think that was really neat and awesome, Cause i dont have something huge sticking outta the mail

This is what was in the Envibum package when I recieved it :) 

 How awesome I got to try this cute and fluffy diaper :) I was so so so excited.....wanna know what I did next ...what I always do before I put my fluff on my little one.................

WASH IT !!! lol
So I washed and dried my Envibum, For some reason it only took 1 dryer cycle to get it back to normal ..usually I have to do 2 dry cycles...I liked this :) i really do ...

When I took it out of the dryer , I loved it ...This is the envibum when i took it out ...........( above picture) 

I wanted to let you know about some really interesting things about envibum before i go on with this review:

Why envibum?
Premium! You get the convenience of disposable diapers, with the lasting durability of envibum’s high quality fabrics and fabrication. Made by moms for moms that stands the test of time!
Affordable! envibum’s environmentally friendly, "envileaf" green color, gender neutral diaper is parent’s one time, best investment for their families cloth diapering system. Go Green, Save Green!
One-Size! Unique patent pending automatically proportional adjusting rise, waist, and legs along with adjustable stretchy premium hook and loop tabs fits most babies 8 - 40 lbs.
All-In-One! Customizable absorbency to adjust for the phase, not the day. No snaps (no lead or choking hazards), pins, or covers to mess with while changing wigglers, just toss in the wash instead of the trash! 

And check this out : this really is AMAZING: 

envibum is committed to giving back. It's our mission, our purpose, and our drive. There are a few ways to give back, but check back often as we will have "limited edition" products that support charities financially as well as by sporting the organizations' color!

Every time you purchase an envigreen diaper, we donate $2 to Food for the Hungry!
Every time you purchase an enviaqua diaper, we donate $2 to Living Water International!
Every time you purchase an enviyellow diaper, we donate $2 to Helping Hands in Africa!
Every time you purchase an envired diaper, we donate $2 to Salvation Army!
Every time you purchase an envipink diaper, we donate $2 to Crisis Pregnancy Center!
Every time you purchase an mom4mom diaper cover, we give another cover to a mom in need!

envibum supports Food for the Hungry!

Know I really think that is awesome:) especially the giving back ...Theres so many struggling right now in this world .......ENVIBUM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. armani could not wait to get his envibum on his little booty:) he kept asking and asking  , so when it came outta the dryer i put it on him ...He is a little chunker but boy did this fit him good ...There was nothing for him to leak outta the side of it and there were no holes or gaps...He lovedddddddddddddddddd it and cried when I had to change him lol:) 

That is armani right there in his first ever envibum:) He loves it and mommy does too especially how it fits him just right :) 

 Look at that fit:) I love it and i love the way he didnt leak or complain from wearing the envibum ...He asked me when he could have more envibums ...I think i got introuble with this one lol......................

The Envibum...What can I say , I think i found a new cloth to be addicted to , Its hard sometimes when you have chunky little ones and cant find the RIGHT diaper to fit them ...Well the envibum is it ....................He is a really heavy wetter and I didnt have to worry about that 1 bit with his envibum. I really would as a cloth mommy give this a 5 stars....You can not beat  comfort , style,  and just a really really awesome diaper..

Thank you sooo much envibum for Introducing Armani to such a fabulous cloth diaper 

Do you wanna win your own Envibum and let your babys booty feel awesome like mine:) 

All you have to do is go visit envibum on facebook and let her know mommy of 3 peas sent ya :) Than come bac here and leave your email address under this post ...........You can win your choice of your own Envibum

Envibum's Facebook page : 

This contest is open for 1 week and will end on friday april 29th ..

Good luck

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

de bella Review and Giveaway :) 

I got the chance to review a pretty awesome ring from the shop de bella on facebook. I loved the ring that they sent me ...When the mail lady came , And I opened it , it was nicely packed and would make a awesome gift also :) 

 I opened it when I recieved it and I pulled out a really pretty and awesome Swarovski  ring ......I was amazed by how much it sparkled on my hand :) Its strechy so if I didnt wanna wear it on one finger I could always switch it to another and I like that :) 

Its pretty isn't it ......................I like this ring, I like it cause its made very very nice , Usually when you have rings like this they only last so long but not this one .....And it always has that sparkle:) Cause its a Swarovski ring :) 

DeBella stretch rings are made with a stretch material so that wearing these rings are most comfortable.  Even guessing a size is so forgiving.  They basically come in two sizes.  6/7 is a regular size fitting ring sizes ranging from 5-7 and 8/9 is a large size fitting ring sizes ranging from 8-9. 

The color combo on these Swarovski rings are also wonderful, I never seen a ring with so much color and sparkle as this one had....I really would recommend this for anyone ...Even if its for at the house, a date night , the grocey store or the mall you would sure get noticed with this . 

Christinia , Really takes her time with these rings and I am glad i really got a chance to put one on my finger and really ladies i dont wanna take it off :) 

This is the ring i got, Its a little better picture :) See how all those awesome colors that she makes the ring go together ...I really really do love this ....

You have a chance to win your own de bella ring :) 

Heres the prize : 

The "Mosaic".  This is DeBella's most POPULAR ring! Stretch ring made with swarovski beads in beautiful colors.  It goes with EVERYTHING!  So comfortable, and you will definitely have many compliments your first day wearing it! 

Now to win all you have to do is go over to her facebook page and LIKE her and tell her I sent ya :) 

Come back here and leave a comment with your email address please .....!/pages/de-bella/95973240126?sk=wall 

Giveaway is open until Sunday April 24,2011

Here is a link to her website where you can find all her awesome jewelry!!!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Go Green Goodie Bags Review and Giveaway !!!!!

Green, Green , Green , I love anything that saves Money ...You REALLY need to read this review and enter the contest below:) 

Go Green Goodie Bags :)

I was so excited when the maillady knocked on my door this morning she had a small little package on for me from Go green Goodie bags.....It was nice how it was packed also :) I love it , It wasnt a big package...When I opened the plastic evelope, I was amazed how awesome these are : I was also suprized about the awesome handmade card she put in there :) And I love owls:) 

Whooo Hooo I loved this when i opened it up ....She the pic above...All 3 goodie bags were folded and tied together:) .......And the thing I love about these are that they are REUSABLE....YES, You can even wash it and Line dry it ....OMG im gonna save so much money ...No more plastic bags for me :) 

I wanted to give u a little more insight on these bags: 

A litte bit about Go Green Goodie Bags~

This reusable goodie bag has the potential to take the place of hundreds if not more than 1,000, plastic bags in its lifetime. Not only does this save all of these bags from becoming non-biodegradable trash, but you will also save your hard earned money from the trash as well. It has been estimated that a family of four could save as much as $3,000 per year by avoiding disposable containers and single-serving size packages!!

Go Green Goodie Bags are convenient to use and are very easily maintained. Our goodies are hand made with a stylish 100% cotton exterior and are lined with water- and stain-resistant, food safe nylon. After using, you may simply shake out the crumbs, turn the bag inside-out and wipe the liner down, or if you have a particularly goopy PB&J that day just toss it in the washing machine and line dry. The goodie bags measures 6" x 7" and is closed using a generous strip of Velcro -- keeping your goodies securely inside.

I opened all 3 of the bags up outta the nice little bundle they were in :) I was amazed by the colors and the fabric...I love things like this ...and I must add that they are perfect for my kids little hands...There not to big or too small for them to hold...there just right :) 

 Did you know that this bag has the potential to take the place of hundreds if not more then 1,000 Plastic bags in its lifetime?????? Me either, But I do know .........Less baggies in the landfill and more money in YOUR pocket...I LOVE THAT...especially with 3 little ones:) 

A Family of 4 could save as much as $3,000 per year by avoiding disposable containers and single- serving size packages............That is alot of money 

My little man armani , Loved using this bag when i got it cause he wanted to put his goldfish crackers in it ..............And I love it too........It  has velcro on it what is another awesome idea especially since my little man is only 3 and cant open and close bags....But this one he can cause it is made with Velcro :) I love that he dont have to keep asking mommy for help everytime he wants to use the bag :) 

Oh , Did i mention that you can wash these and line dry them ...OMG  thats awesome :)  no more messy bags :)

I folded these back up and I must say im even happy with that ...You know why cause there so small and convient to fold up i can take them anywhere with me ...Then can fit in almost anything i own even a small purse.....This is AWESOME especially having 3 small kids :) 

Closing :

This is my FIRST time using a product like this ever , And I must say I am a very happy mother and I know I will be getting more of these from Go green Goodie bags...How could I not ....These are the most awesome snack bags around,,,Not to mention I will save ALOT of money by not using plastic ...But these are easy to take on the go ANYWHERE and My son loves them cause he feels like a big boy cause he can do it all by himself: 

P.s. You can NOT beat this price at $7.00 a bag ...I know these will last ALONG time :) 

To purchase your Go Green Goodie Bags Please Visit her on fb at :!/pages/Go-Green-Goodie-Bags/132205383519176?sk=wall

Wanna win your own Go Green Goodie Bag???????????????/

Go Green Goodie Bags is giving 2 winners a chance to win one of these awesome snack bags:) 

To win : 

Please go LIKE Go Green Goodie Bags on Facebook, Tell her Mommy of 3 peas sent ya  and leave me a comment under here with your favorite goodie bag print you like and your email.....!/pages/Go-Green-Goodie-Bags/132205383519176?sk=wall 

2 Lucky winners will each win there own GO Green Goodie Bag: 

Contest is open for 1 week from 

April  16 to April 23rd!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck!!!!



Friday, April 15, 2011

4000 Fan Giveaway On MOmmy of 3 peas...List of winners

  1. Tutu from BoW’n Voyage:  Ashley Coughenour
  2. Crochet headband with a Hawaiian flower from Designs by Dani:  Kaleigh Hatfield
  3. Breast Cancer Awareness charm from Just Jewelry with Mommy of 3 Peas:  Madelin Field
  4. Dolly diaper and wipes from NikkisCreations:  Nicole Blanchette
  5. Baby sock monkey from Monkey Socks and Friends:  Jenny Nieves
  6. $10 GC to Discovery Toys – Play to Achieve:  Karen Kieffer English
  7. $10 GC to Pixie Pretties:  Southern Charms
  8. Custom tile necklace from Miss Priss Gifts:  Lauren Vaught Klinedinst
  9. Personalized stick figure family auto decal from Beyond Paint:  Angie Carter Coleman
  10. Making eyes shadow duo (Down to Earth) from Mark. By Amber:  Heather Dyer Cannady
  11. Making eyes shadow duo (Got the Blues) from Mark. By Amber:  Crystal Reeves
  12. Charmer necklace from Peanut Butter n Jewels:  Wendy Salamone-Campbell
  13. Creme Egg keyring/bag charm from Lisa’s Jewellery & Gifts:  Joy Soltes
  14. Bird nest pendant from Vixens Natural Jewelry:  Erin Taylor Gardner
  15. Heart-shaped earrings from Lovee Dovee Boutique:  Melissa Palladino
  16. Parking pal magnet from Parking Pal Magnet:  Kayla Marie Randell
  17. Organic Caboose wool cover from Bippy Diapers:  Naomi Guidry
  18. $5 Amazon GC from Just Jewelry by Jessica:  Jessica Nicole Julian
  19. 2 layer flower headband from Forever Crochet:  Ashley Coughenour
  20. Set of 6 wipes from Comfybuns Customs:  Sarah McElyea
  21. $5 GC from Comfybuns Customs:  Sonya Baird
  22. Yellow fish alligator clips from Ali Rose Bowtique:  Christine Marie O’Sullivan
  23. Rose alligator clips from Ali Rose Bowtique:  Cariann D’Oronzo Engelhardt
  24. Mineral eyeshadow from EcoGlo Minerals:  Valerie Thomas
  25. Scentsy fragrance foam from Aroma Luna Flameless Candles by Erica: Kristen Kavanaugh
  26. Mystery gift from Trendy Peas:   Tracie Lunsford Ogden
  27. Mystery gift from Trendy Links:  Shyanna Davidson
  28. Crochet headband and rose from Cozy Noggin:  Jocelyn Pittner
  29. Ring from Krystals-creations And-more:  Sandra Van Scyoc Dupal
  30. Earrings from Misty’s Mystical Jewelry:  Cindy Soulshine
  31. Easter bow from Em’s Bowtique:  Kirstie Lugo
  32. “Never Never Land” quote from Joyous Walls Boutique:  Michal David
  33. $10 GC to Tutus By Rachel:  Dawn Milligan
  34. 8x8 photo book from Hopes and Dreams Photography:  Barbara Beiter Szewczuk
  35. Scentsy bar of “My Wish” from Jennifer Boardman ~ Independent Scentsy Consultant:  Abbey Hadden Colbert
  36. $10 to PayPal from Eco Baby Mama Drama:  Shanna Jayne
  37. Fused glass bookmark from DeDa Studio:  Elizabeth Beth Ann Dobbs
  38. Cotton beanie with bow from Chubby Cherubs:  Jessica Kershner
  39. Scentsy circle from Tina Kash – Independent Scentsy Consultant:  Charlie Woods D
  40. Small lunch tote from Danielle Simpson’s Thirty-One Gifts:  Patricia Nicol Bodi
  41. Personalized mothers necklace from Dress Me Up Boutique:  Dixie Hudson Bishop
  42. Coupon envelope from Mommy’s Coupon Fairy:  Kelly Lebo
  43. Heart or cross shirt from Pey Peys Treasures:  Brenda Ferguson
  44. Scent bar from Jennifer Jimenez Scentsy Consultant:  Elizabeth Beth Ann Dobbs
  45. Scent bar from Jennifer Jimenez Scentsy Consultant:  Gisele Phipps
  46. Lady bug bow from Izzy’s Bows:  Kim Huffman Avery
  47. $5 GC from Booty Patootie Boutique:  Cindi Moser Spletzer
  48. $13 GC from Boo art by dawn:  Natalie Tetzlaff
  49. Set of burp cloths from Princess Lollipop:  Joy Matthews
  50. $10 GC from Kissing Frogs:  Cora Lynne Routledge
  51. Daddy did my hair bow from Small Fry Baby & Toddler Creations:  Amanda Shouse
  52. Sunflower scrabble pendant from Sunrise Mosaics:  Jamie Teague Miller
  53. 6 free embellishments from Extreme Paperworks:  Esther Kidwell
  54. Free hat from Baby Button Tops – Melissa Ahonen:  Caitlin Ardelle Mandeville
  55. Pastel colored hairbow from A Navy Wife’s Creation:  Shelena Smorang
  56. 3 month model or photographer listing from Runway Exposure Models:  Ashley Bera
  57. $10 GC from Boobear Boutique:  Melissa Phinney
  58. Cinderella flip flops from MomBow Number Five:   Sherri Parker
  59. Mini brush set from Spark Mark:  Kristi Godin
  60. Waitress/vendor apron from My Creative Majic:  Lesley-Ann Smith
  61. Tinkerbell mini clippy/bow holder from Twirls N Giggles Tutus:  Kelly Gridley
  62. 3 princess clips from Foxy Girl Crafts:  Rebecca Lopez
  63. Baby turtle earrings from Sweet Crush Shoppe:  Beth Goldbach Henry
  64. 2 Striped T’s from Jumpn Jax Boutique:  Sonya Baird
  65. Snuggle (Splash of Spring) from Sassy Snuggles:  Lori Orndorff Stewart
  66. Snuggle (Tractor Camo) from Sassy Snuggles:  Crystal Curry
  67. Custom logo design from Brynnstone Photography:  Elizabeth Pretty
  68. 6 months of advertising from Mommy and Me Giveaways:  Maddie B’s Boutique
  69. Custom popsicle sleeve from Mothers Love - - Designs by Roxie:  Jenn Welcome
  70. Over the top headband from Paisley and Posies Boutique for Girls:  Missy Pfund Haney
  71. CritterZ MiniZ gecko keychain from Kona’s Creations:  Tina Estes
  72. CritterZ gecko keychain from Kona’s Creations:  Lindsay Lockwood Comer
  73. Bookmarker from AJ Designs:  Lisa Powers Mesmer
  74. Legwarmers from Sweet Baby Bishop Boutique:  Trisha Price
  75. $5 GC from CoconutPalmDesigns:  Kristen MacKay
  76. Personalized letter from Pilar the Tooth Fairy:  Stephanie Partee Britz
  77. $20 GC from Gilley’s Naturals:  Sondra Silverberg
  78. Olivia the Pig dress from Little Tickle:  Cassandra Campbell
  79. Tote-Adorable mark. cosmetic case from Glam It Up With Mark:  Emily Blewett
  80. Zebra clip set from Toadily Bows:  Melissa Kimball-Engel
  81. Wipe case from Baby Bliss Boutique:  Heather Thomas
  82. Bow tie from Mel’s At-Home Creations:  Danielle Bless Bowman
  83. $15 GC from Two Hearts Boutique:  Katie Eder
  84. Pixie pants from Katies DuDz:  Kimberly Racine Hart
  85. Baby sling from Baby-Bug Boutique:  Kara Harris-Percy
  86. Blue butterfly bracelet from Pali Jewels:  Hmh Kaufman
  87. Custom tutu from Little Miss Posh:  Patricia Marie Pettipas
  88. Jewelry tote from IngridElizabeth Designs and Monogrammed Gifts:  Courtney Warren
  89. Windy hat from Winter Rose Summer Son:  Vickie Watts
  90. mark. Time To Shine necklace and sample goodie bag from Maj-Lis’ Mark. Cosmetics:  Shanna Uptergrove
  91. 3 day supply of Shakeology, shaker cup and recipes from Dawn Quicksell Hipsley, Independent BeachBody Coach:  Jennifer Collins Brannam
  92. $25 GC from Fine Art Portraits:  Ali Teuscher
  93. Swarovski crystal drop earrings from 3 Little Birds Boutique:  Meghan Boudreaux
  94. Sleepy owl earrings from Freshwater Perle Vintage and Handcrafted Jewelry:  Rachel Veltri
  95. Caterpillar clippie set from Tutus-4-Tots:  Misty Gantz
  96. 2 fabric flowers from Happily Ever Crafter:  Angela White Mabe
  97. White Vetiver from Ashley’s mark. Boutique:  Tammy Wolaver Laney
  98. $10 GC from New To You Clothing:  Katharine Neill
  99. Speesees Lap Tee from The Magic Cocoon:  Paige Kelley
  100. Babywearing Mama Nursing Necklace Fun with the Twisty Beads from Mommy Jewelry Sturdy and Purdy:  Taya Rose-Marie Linville
  101. Set of bangles from Red Umbrella Shop:  Jalila ModelingPage
  102. mark. color set from Mark. Girl Emily:  Janene Scarborough
  103. Birthstone-colored rhinestones on silvertone bezel watch from Alyssa Parker’s Avon:  Susan D’Alesandro Wilder
  104. Curves Rock shirt from Destination Curves:  Syrease Jasper McCullough
  105. Doll hair clip from Hair Dolls Hair Accessories:  Kristen Erfle
  106. Shoe of winner’s choice (under $15) from Dress My Girls:  Melissa Giannopoulos
  107. Tutu from Project Packages:  Heather Nicole Schuler
  108. Personalized Initial Name appliqué shirt from Lil’ Giggle Girl:  Sky Yetter
  109. Damask lunch bag from Diapers and Denim:  Kyla Jaspers
  110. Outspoken by Fergie Eau be Parfum purse spray from Danielles Avon:  Darrell Jones
  111. Flutter scent circle from Megan Tapley – Independent Scentsy Consultant:  Jen Vick
  112. Crib shoes from Bubblegum Boutique:  Crystal Bowden
  113. $10 GC from Itza Blankie:  Misty Black

  1. Paci clip from A Mother’s Touch:  Charlie Woods
  2. Spring bloom hat from Pisa My Heart Designs:  Katherine Bradway Berg
  3. Fairy/Elf sculpture from Ina Dollsandmore:  Jessica Rojas
  4. Kahiko Hula scent circle from Ciara’s Scentsy (Independent Consultant):  Kayla Moore
  5. $10 GC from How Fast Time Flies:  Maureen Irish
  6. Soothing, Moisturizing Oatmeal & Milk Bath Soak from Eden’s Aprons & Gifts:  Angie Carter Coleman
  7. Two handmade hairclips from Cutie Pie Bowtique:  Kellie King
  8. Custom princess clip from Blushing Baby Boutique:  Jalila ModelingPage
  9. Handmade felt pink owl clip from Whimsical Fairytales:  Diana Bradford Hatch
  10. Red Candy Apple bar from Essence of Scents:  Amanda Burgett Stephens
  11. Set of clips in egg and tissue from Chumper Bumper’s:  April Williams
  12. Kahiko Hula scent circle from Amy Reyes – Independent Scentsy Consultant:  Brooke Picou
  13. Kufi hat from Simply Sweet Boutique:  Brittany Martinez
  14. Infant sunhat with removable daisy from Tuca Luca Silly Lily:  Jamie Teague Miller
  15. Soft lavender beanie hat with white flower from Kiddo Designs:  Kristen Young Ballard
  16. Headband from AviRose Apparel Boutique:  Chelle Starfire Futch
  17. $30 credit toward faux background or floor from Splash of Color by Moonlight:  Jaclyn Edolo
  18. Personalized sign from A Lil Bit Personal:  Heather Burch
  19. Tastefully Simple’s Beer Bread from Tastefully Simple with Shannon Holder:  Helen Gale
  20. No Place to Run Longwear Eyeliner in Jet Set from mark.Rep Mary:  Sarah Gaines
  21. 2 birthday magnets from Betty & Petula Handmade Creations:  Beth Goldbach Henry
  22. Snack bags from 3 Tiny Blessings:  Carrie Broeders Depotie
  23. $10 to your PayPal from The Skinny You:  Natalie Tetzlaff
  24. Helmet hat from Coco Crochets:  Rebekka Sordiff
  25. Set of 3 Scentsy bars from Scent Crazy Wendy Moody Scentsy Wickless Consultant:  Megan Ward
  26. Fun Tags Blanket (Safari print) from M.I.L.K.:  Courtney Gillan Lentz
  27. $5 GC from MaeHam Creations:  Patty Winnick Sumner
  28. $10 Amazon GC from Kelsey’s Kloset:  Melissa Leslie
  29. Charm from Bekah’s Beads and Charms:  Candace Baker
  30. Ultimate Body Applicator from It Works-Michelle L:  Brittanie Sewell Hocker
  31. Miche purse charm OR 20” fashion handles OR GC of equal value from Michelle’s Miche Bags:  Jama Volpe Nisonger
  32. Cotton fitted from CC Bums:  Dawn Peterson
  33. $5 GC from Tickled BambooPink – Independent BambooPink Consultant Patti Persia:  Elizabeth Beth Ann Dobbs
  34. Blissful Booty cloth diaper from All About Baby Boutique:  Tiffany Helean
  35. Two window decals from Gossip Gal Gifts:  Miriam Greene Hale
  36. 1 two-colored mum from Glam baby bowtique:  Katie Quimby
  37. Douce soft headband with bow from By Tess:  Amy Seals
  38. $10 GC from Blon-D Treasures:  Heidi Morris Neace
  39. Wild Faerie Tutu from My Little Journey:  Erika Pickering
  40. Bloom Flower ring from Stella & Dot Independent Stylist, Renee Musco Bauco:  Ciara Rose Simmons-Brown
  41. Baker’s dozen peanut butter puppy poppers from Barker’s Dozen:  Amanda Kamer
  42. Sparrow outline necklace from Trinkets4Troops:  Carmen Guajardo
  43. Flower bracelet from Bello Gioielleria:  Samantha Faith
  44. Ladybug 4 layer loopy bow from Bella Nicole’s Petite Boutique:  Stefanie Gordon
  45. $10 GC for ribbon from Ribbon Revelry:  Ali Teuscher
  46. 2 pinwheels from Peace Love Polka Dots:  Rose White
  47. Custom magnet set from Hailey’s Blooming Bowtique:  Rachael Veltri
  48. Brooch from Nelson Jewellery:  Ashley Siegle
  49. Initial hair bow from Simply Stitching:  Stephanie Hines
  50. Purse-shaped handmade greeting card from Creations By JohnnyLeigh:  Melanie Hard
  51. Baby booties blanket from GK Baby Gifts:  Joyce Messick
  52. Skinny flower headband from Nire Designs, Inc:  Michelle Folse Chauvin
  53. Baby leggings from Babylicious:  Gloria Shepstone
  54. Aztec Gold eyeshadow and eyeshadow brush from J.Lily Cosmetics:  Angela Davis
  55. 3 vinyl decorations from Uppercase Living – Fort St John, BC:  Peggy Cameron Moore
  56. Upgraded 15 item online store from  Sheila Larry
  57. Custom wipe case from Mimi Designs:  Joy Matthews
  58. Golden Mango Mojito Drink Mix from Tastefully Simple by Nicole Berry:  Amber Keller-Beer
  59. Handsome as a Prince Onesie from Little Darling Designs:  Michelle Danford Sutley
  60. Custom layered double ruffle ribbon bow from Raves from Rio:  Malina Long Kokologiannakis
  61. Tri-flower creamy yellow headband from Tutu Darling Boutique:  Brooke Louzon
  62. Yummy peanut butter treats from Tail-Waggin Temptations:  Margot OHalloran
  63. Custom full-page or heart-shaped drawing from Color Me Nichole:  Dani Lee
  64. Bootie Boots from SheSheMarie Boutique:  Jenn Mcnary
  65. Flower of winners choice from Khloe’s Bow-tique:  Christina Jeanne
  66. Legwarmers from Baby Bling:  Stefanie Gordon
  67. 6 bottle caps from Cutie Caps:  Tammy Cao
  68. Spring hat with removable crochet flower hair clip from Analisa Rose Boutique:  Melissa Phinney
  69. Poinsettie Pine scentsy bar from Renee’s Scentsational Scents:  Stephanie Thomas
  70. Le Chics Signature Bracelet from Le Chics Bows & Dolls:  Candice Nobles Gray
  71. Purple butterfly clip from Pretty Princess:  Erin Bullis
  72. 3 crochet patterns from RAKJpatterns:  Torona Poore Reynolds
  73. Bee’s Knees from Mom’s Advice Magazine:  Sarah Watkins
  74. O.A.M. spray from For Every Home Consultant~Heather:  Cheryl Bartholomew
  75. $25 GC to from Adventures of My Family of 8:  Erin Taylor Gardner
  76. Set of hair clips from Flower Headband and Hat Boutique:  Christine Brown
  77. Custom name bracelet from Apple Belle:  Shyanna Davidson
  78. Headband from Princess Emmary’s Bowtique:  Mandy Hatch Agnello
  79. All-In-One Organizer from ThirtyOne by MEngel:  Dani Parker Robinson
  80. Personalized 8 oz hand sanitizer from Miley Bug’s Personalized Creations and More:  Kelli Lorenza
  81. Pillowcase dress from Pretty Little Lids:  Kelly Johnson
  82. $25 GC to from Frugal-Shopping:  Stefanie Gordon
  83. $5 GC from Jareb Designs:  Kymee Grieve
  84. $10 GC from Consignment Boutique:  Tina Fetters
  85. Scentsy travel tin from Kristi Godin ~ Independent Scentsy Consultant:  Virginia Lee
  86. Enchanted Mist bar from No Wicks with Nicole, Nicole Sather Independent Scentsy Consultant:  Helen Gale
  87. Mini Lovie from Little Sweet Pea Creations:  Katharine Neill
  88. Coochy Rash Free Shave Creme from Intimate Expressions Parties by Sylvia:  Laurel Rodriguez
  89. Mauve Hydragea hair pins from Project K:  Lacey Starr McCarthy
  90. Black and white satin rosette and feather headband from Melissa’s Bowtique:  Jennifer Obando
  91. Scent pod with gel scented refill from Shining Lites Theme Parties w Cyn PartyLite Independent Consultant:  Amanda Johnson-Lindsey
  92. Deep pinks and lace hair pin from The Gum Tree Bowtique:  Kassandra Postlethwaite-Breckenridge
  93. Skirt from Kailani’s Boutique:  Paige Taylor Pennock
  94. Herdoos Ballet Travel Kit from Sprinkle Me Pink:  Katie Eder
  95. Meadow Micro Maker from Sara Porter’s Memory Savers with Creative Memories:  Ape Bilbrey
  96. Double knit hat from Nic Moo Crafts:  Lauren Barger
  97. Felt hair clippie from  Juli Kempa
  98. Animal print purse from Creatively Sew Blessed:  Yvelisse C. Schnaus
  99. $5 PayPal credit from Darlin’ Deals:  Shay Bristol
  100. Custom made butterfly from Mariam & Hind’s Bowtique:  Sheila Larry
  101. Super Sweet Owl Boutique Stacked Bow from Cute Hoots Boutique Bows:  Janelle Businelle Primes
  102. Lenny the Lamb with Newborn Nursery scent pak from “Wickless Candles” Kimberly Bell Scentsy Independent Consultant:  Jennifer Cavalline Trueblood
  103. Bow holder from BOW-utiful:  Krischell Hanks
  104. ScentPlus Melts in Dulce De Leche from Peggy Moore PartyLite Independent Consultant:  Sandra Van Scyoc Dupal
  105. Free for All Fragrance Free Lotion from Morgan With Avon (Avon Rep):  Trish Rose
  106. Chocolate princess tutu with removable cheetah bow from SiSi and Me Baby Accessories:  Shanna Uptergrove
  107. You have my Heart little one keepsake bracelet from Enchanted Jewels:  Jennifer Milne Tanner
  108. Bag of Shakeology from  Jordan Belle Denius
  109. 2 Easter bows from Diva Jordans Boutique:  Missy Pfund Haney
  110. Easter Bunny clip set from Bubbles and Grins:  Janice Flormata
  111. Pre-made burp cloths OR $5 off a monogrammed burp cloth from Little Lights 4 U:  Kasey Byrd
  112. $5 GC from Earlooms by Heidi:  Cristeen Hancock
  113. Smocked firetruck swim shorts from Sprinkled Sweet Smocked Boutique:  Kayle Lynn Harris
  114. Small batter bowl from Pampered Chef with the Bollingers:  Robyn Huffman
  115. Rockin Zebra leg warmers from Pretty Poppies Consignment Shop:  Danielle Kerr
  116. Set of flower clips from Lil’ Xpressions:  Cindy Clark
  117. Fishing lure set from Tim Ansley:  Patricia Marie Pettipas
  118. Headband from Rockin’ Chic Boutique:  Amanda Draughon
  119. Red Sock Monkey Lovey from Elly & Oliver:  Stephanie Nett