Monday, February 21, 2011

My Journey Into Cloth Diapering :)

I'm Very very excited. I will be trying A cloth diaper on my 2 year old thanks to Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers on Facebook. I almost cried when she sent me a email cause I have been trying and trying to afford a cloth diaper to at least try on armani . She will be sending me a package in the mail and I dont think Im gonna sleep until I get it lol....Who knew Cloth diapering would reel this mommy into. :)

I see all the fabulous designs and little tushes all around facebook. I never knew to much about cloth diapering until I joined the facebook community . And im happy . I shoulda tryed this along time ago with my other two, but i dont think it ever ran across my mind. This woman is amazing for giving me a chance to experience what all cloth diapering mamas love..

Stayed tuned to follow me on my journey into Cloth diapering :)

Check her out on fb:


  1. I will be following along! I was just talking to some of my mommy friends about needing to learn about cloth diapers so this is great! :)

  2. New follower! Congrats on your leap into cloth! I'm going to be doing a "Who's Who of Cloth Diapers" series on my blog, so be sure to check it out! Part 1 (pockets and all-in-ones) will be posted today (if my little ones cooperate!)

  3. Hello! I followed you here from Facebook, and am now following your blog. Looking forward to reading more.
    Jan at Jewelry4Change

  4. I am ready to retry them with my almost 1yo. But the prices and time scare me. Maybe you will turn me into one also.