Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bug On A Rug Review and Giveaway


                                         Bug on A Rug  Review and Giveaway :) 

I received this really awesome Cow towel From Bug on A rug On Facebook :)  When I received it in the mail I was really really excited :) I loved the fact that it is made out of 100% cotton ...I love that especially when I have little ones with bad skin:) I love cotton and the fact that these towels are made from cotton :) 

These awesome Hooded towels ( yes hooded ) I love it , are Handmade By Bug on A rug....They are really awesome for Home, The beach or the Pool...Anywhere :) When I first got it before my daughter tried it out , We made sure we washed it :) . It stood up good in the washing machine and came out nice and fluffy and we were ready to use it . 

My daughter mya begged to use this towel lol. She got in the bath and then got out and made sure she was wrapped in the cow Towel we received....

Are your towels short at home and dont cover you kids???

Well you wont have a Problem with Bug on A rug towels:) My daughter is 5 and this covered her WHOLE body .... I was really really happy about that , My kids are always freezing when they get outta the bath cause the towel dont reach the bottom of there legs...But with The Bug On A rug hooded towel , I dont have to worry about it ...

Heres my miss mya in her Cow Bug on A rug Towel :) 

 See how long it is :) I LOVE that :) ........It covers her whole body and more ....

A little more About the Bug On a Rug:

A little bit about Bug on a Rug:
All of my items are 100% handmade (therefore each item is unique!) and 100% reusable, made from mostly recycled material. Being green can be so easy! Help the earth and look cute doing it!
All of our upcycled material comes from non-profit organizations like Goodwill Industries, dedicated to helping the less fortunate, and The Children's Boutique at Steven's Hope, which supports the families of children hospitalized at Loma Linda Medical Center. I try to use as much upcycled material as possible. The fabric and soakers in the dipes are all upcycled, the embellishments on the hooded towels are upcycled, and the cape material is all from upcycled material. The thread, elastic, snaps, aplix, PUL and towels are all purchased new for quality reasons. I really love sewing and creating new things, it's the first thing I've done that I've loved (besides parenting!! but I don't get paid for that, lol!). I want my things to be special to everyone, so I'm always happy to do custom orders!
Pros about this Towel from Bug On a Rug are : 
My daughter can learn how to use the towel on her own when she gets outta the bath..Its easy for her to grab especially with the Hood on it  ...She dont have to fumble around with a flimsy towel
100% cotton ...Im a mom...I want to keep my kids skin and safe and I love the fact that this is made with 100% cotton 
The quality of the towel , When we got her outta the shower and put the bug on the rug on her..she was dried off in no time..Its very durable and dries them off asap 
Nothing cause this towel rocks...
It comes down to , Do you want something to last for your kids time after time in the bath tub ....You best choice would to be to purchase one of these ...They really last and you will NOT be dissatisfied at all....My daughter is as happy as can be as you can see with her Bug on A rug Cow hooded towel :) 

Giveaway : 
Bug on a Rug will give 1 lucky winner a $10.00 Gift certificate to there store :) 
To enter to win : 
Please LIKE bug on a Rug on Facebook : 

                                                    (please let them know mommy sent you )

Please comment with your user name( following with )  on here and your  facebook name in a comment on here  for a chance to win  The $10.00 Gift certificate :) 

Contest will end on May 21, 2011 ( saturday )


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    WHat a great product! Both my 5 year old and 3 year old would love this!!! Thanks for showing it, otherwise I would never have seen it! ;o)

  14. Winner from the blog for the 10 dollar gift certificate to bug on the rug is ..........................Amy Biscaro

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